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"Jon Mendle is an amazing guitarist and teacher. He really takes the time to be patient and encourages you every step of the way. I thought I'd never get to learn the guitar and I've only had 3 lessons so far. I look forward to our lessons as it's so much fun! I am definitely going to recommend him to anyone who wants to learn!" -- Izzy L.
"I began taking guitar lessons with Dan Dewitt about five years ago. Prior to meeting with Dan, I was struggling to learn on my own, finding myself in a rut, and not knowing how to progress. Dan got me over the hump with his patience and helpful teaching techniques. Dan's teaching style is unique. He blends together the technical aspect of playing guitar with just enough music theory to give the student a good understanding of how to play music solo, and most importantly, in a group setting. Thanks to Dan, I have stuck with guitar and enjoy jamming with my friends on a regular basis." -- Eric S.
"It's a refreshing break. I appreciate their ability to adjust to my situation whether I practiced or not. They cater the lessons to my needs. I always get something out of lessons." -- Bob T.
"I've been working with Jim for more than two years and the experience has been terrific. Jim has been and continues to be a great teacher in developing my lesson plan to reflect my musical preferences and abilities. I might never give up the "real job" of attorney that I've had for nearly 30 years to pursue a musical career, but I can say this without hesitation - for all of you professionals out there who still have "guitar god" aspirations, Guitar Chicago is the place to come." -- Frank P.
"In one year, I went from never having any musical background or having played guitar to learning over TWENTY songs. I was able to surprise my friends and family at a recent destination wedding. I strummed and everybody was a blast! I couldn't have ever done this without Troy's guidance and advice at Guitar Chicago. If your thinking about taking up guitar, you won't be disappointed with Guitar Chicago." -- Leigh G.
"Jim is so encouraging and patient while navigating the lesson through all the complexities and beauty of the guitar. One does not have to have a musical background to study with him. The Guitar Chicago style of teaching allows the student to have a practical learning experience first. I highly recommend Guitar Chicago." -- Catherine Z.
"Jason has been a great guitar teacher, at all times genuine, encouraging and refreshingly non-pretentious. I'm a 32-year-old father of two with no musical background, and he has been absolutely flexible with my schedule, pace and many botched chords. Most importantly, he understands what the student's goals are and works in tandem to help me reach them. Most important, I'm having a great time." -- Seamus O.
“Forrest is an awesome guitarist. He has been teaching me for about a year now and I have learned a lot. I can now go and play songs by myself or with my friends and he has helped my playing improve enough to be a really fun hobby.” -- Jason H.
"My 8 months of studying guitar with Troy was time well-spent. His instructions were always encouraging & geared to my pace & "skill level". He was very generous with his time in making up a couple of my sick days. I just hope my next instructor will be nearly as proficient & personable as Troy." -- Mike C.
"As a suburban commuter to my job in the loop, finding Jim has made it possible to continue my interest in learning guitar. He has been flexible and accommodating in rearranging lessons based on my schedule. Also, I like Jim's laid back, yet cerebral, teaching style." -- Robert B.
"I consider myself lucky to have Jason for my teacher. His impressive ability and scholarship are united with infectious enthusiasm and a real desire to help me accomplish my goals as a student. I can hear and feel my progress with every lesson. Jason is flexible and capable; he's willing to guide me down whatever avenues I care to follow. It sounds trite, but he makes learning to play guitar fun and easy. I feel like I'm robbing you guys blind. I hope you don't get wise and start charging $100 a lesson. I'd hate to have to sell my car." -- Stephen C.
"I look forward to lessons. You don't have to start out with songs like 'Mary had a little lamb' (although you can), you can pick what you want to play." -- Will H.
"Troy is absolutely fantastic. He tailors lessons to match whatever your goal is, whether it's playing in a band or just for yourself, and he goes at the pace you want to go. He's flexible, patient and personable, and he has a knack for breaking down musical concepts and relaying them in a way that's easy to understand, which I really appreciate. I highly recommend him as a teacher and Guitar Chicago as a school." -- Danielle N.
"I'd dreamed of playing guitar ever since I was a teenager, but life somehow got in the way and I never seemed to find the time. As a middle-aged woman, part of me doubted that I should pursue that dream again. But my lessons at Guitar Chicago encouraged and inspired me. Jim is such a great teacher that I quickly overcame my fears and discovered that I might have some talent after all. Nowadays, the highlight of my week is going to class. And every time I leave, my passion is further ignited. Not only is my money well-spent, but I feel lucky to have met a mentor who is an outstanding guitarist himself and whose patience and knowledge make the lessons fun!" -- Joanne P.
"Started taking lessons with Troy after 7 months of self-teaching. Now 6 months of lessons later, and about to play live for the 1st time, he has definitely helped me overcome many hurdles, and achieve many milestone in my playing. My playing ability has vastly improved since I started taking lessons. He's a great teacher who tailors lessons to meet your goals and/or musical tastes." -- Dave S.
"Jason is a terrific teacher! This is the third time I've tried to take lessons in the last 5 years, and the first time I'm actually sticking with them. Our class focuses around playing songs I've always wanted to play, which is a great way to stay motivated each week. In addition, Jason also does a great job of explaining the "big picture" about everything we do." -- Jose V.
"I enjoy playing the guitar in my retirement. It's fun going from teacher to student." -- Pete B.
"I just started guitar lessons 2 months ago and Troy has been an excellent teacher. The lessons are very relaxed and the pace is perfect for me. I love coming to the lessons each week and learning that "one more thing" to build upon what I've already learned. I'd wanted to learn guitar for a long time and I'm glad I'm finally getting to it." -- Rob T.
"Jason is a patient, knowledgeable instructor. He's geared the lessons entirely around my goals and has taken the time to fully answer my questions. In the short period of time we've worked together, my playing and my confidence have both improved ....and I'm having more fun playing the guitar now than I have in YEARS! Thank you Jason...and thank you Guitar Chicago!" -- Will P.
"Jim is an excellent teacher at an affordable price. He is very open to suggestions and is very flexible with scheduling. He also provides a very comfortable environment." -- Tony C.
"I like to learn about guitar. It is fun to use that to write my own songs!" -- Michelle O.
"I am on my fifth lesson and I am astounded on how far I've come. I am already learning to play one of my favorite songs. Jason is always relaxed and is very encouraging. I look forward to my lessons." -- Murad S.
"I travel to Chicago each week on business and decided to take advantage of the extra time I have away from home to learn something I always wanted to learn, guitar. Going in I was merely expecting to get linked up with some college student to teach me how to bang out a few chords. What I found instead was professional, working musicians that not only play and produce music for a living but also have an incredible formal music education and ability to teach. Troy Fannin is my instructor and he has been amazing in working with me to achieve the balance I was looking for of not only learning to play, but also learning to read and understand music. Great setup, great people, lucky to stumble upon them." -- Ken R.
"Playing guitar during the work day is hard to beat. I shut down my email, walk down the street, grab a pick and start playing. Jim's approach to teaching is clever, they keep things at an appropriate pace and he sets the lesson plan according to what is most important to the student. His knowledge and talent runs deep, and he's not a bad guy to hang out with in the middle of the day." -- Scott C.
"They make the guitar fun to play, but I also learn many things about how to play it." -- Sean H.
"I was hesitant to take lessons in the past because I wasn't sure I'd get to focus on what I wanted to learn. Troy caters the lesson to his students' desires. For me, personally I just want to learn to play songs and don't care much about music theory. This is great for people that already play but just want to improve on their techniques and skills." -- Ronald S.
"I have been taking guitar lessons for the last 3 months, and I already feel like I have accomplished so much! Jason not only has the proven experience but he also has GREAT teaching skills that have helped me reach my goals at a quicker pace. It's a very collaborative learning environment and it's exciting to know that I can pick a song and be able to work on it and not have to wait years to try it!" -- Monika J.
"I like their program. Even though I have a busy schedule there is plenty of fun things to learn on guitar." -- Taylor W.


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